Friday, September 21, 2007

An introduction

I have been a registered as a patent agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office since 28 April 1998. I worked for Pirelli Cables and Systems (now Prysmian Cables and Systems) in Lexington, SC as a patent agent (among other things) until early 2004. Presently I work as a sole practitioner patent agent, writing applications for both corporations and independent inventors.

I hold a Master’s degree in Physics and have worked in industry in research and development for nine years before I started drafting patent applications. I am named as an inventor on two patents myself.

In my years of research and development and in writing patent applications I have gained experience in many fields. However, I do not draft patent applications in all fields, biotechnology and computer programs to name two.

I offer the following patent-related services:

*Drafting of Patent Specification and Claims
*Filing Patent Application with USPTO (both provisional and utility)
*Drafting Office Action responses on a filed patent application.
*If an inventor wants to write the patent application him/herself, I do offer to look it over and suggest editorial changes to make it conform more particularly to the USPTO format.

For the above services I charge reasonable hourly fee with a free initial consultation-not to exceed one hour.

After the free initial consultation I may decide I can not take a client’s case. This may be because the invention presents a conflict of interest for me (too close to the inventions of another client), the invention may not be in my fields of expertise, or I may feel that the invention is not patentable based on the consultation, preliminary searches, or my own knowledge.

I do NOT provide marketing studies, contracts, licensing, or negotiations or advice on starting a business.

In my posts, I hope to provide some insight into the world of patents and inventions.

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